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Bear Canyon Loop CCW Fastest in the Canyon Series

2020 (Cancelled)


2022 (Cancelled)

Benefitting Friends of Sabino Canyon

  • $10 donation | One of Series or $25 donation for entire series.  Donate directly to Friends of Sabino Canyon via their site here.  Last day to sign up for each of the series is 20 days before the last day of each challenge in the series.  Donation must be made and dated before attempt!!  No exceptions!!
  • Then fill out form on our website and upload screenshot of receipt here and blank out whatever you don’t wish us to see on receipt…we understand that.  Form must be filled out.  (This is mandatory)
  • Strava membership required (which is free) to verify time and date. Screenshots of times will not be accepted.  We use time of actual segment, not the overall time Strava may show.  As this gives a time that includes any watch pauses.  So pausing your watch will not give you a better time.
  • This is NOT a race (technically).  This is a personal challenge for a good cause.  But go FAST!
  • You can submit as many times as you wish up til the stroke of midnight on the last day of each individual part of the series. The FASTEST time will be your final time.  So don’t hesitate to put in that time that may not be your fastest.  Do it again…and again.  Push yourself for that fastest time that we know you’re capable of. 
  • Time submissions with Strava Link to post will only be accepted here.
  • Entrants will be listed on individual series pages.

Bear Canyon Loop CCW Map

GPX | KML Download Located Top Right of Map