The Tucson Hiking Meetup Group


What we’re about

Our group features hikes of variable length & ability. Beginner hikes range from 2 to 4 miles, while advanced hikes may be up to 16 miles and may feature bush-wacking & rock scrambling. Beginner and moderate hikes usually are a mixed group between athletic pace and slow or moderate pace. Having fun talking, taking pictures, and admiring the beautiful Sonoran desert is all part of the package deal.

Many factors determine the difficulty of a hike: mileage, terrain, elevation and pace. The hike rating scale that we have adopted is:

A – Extreme: no limit for distance or elevation
B – Advanced: maximum 16 miles or 3000′ gain
C – Intermediate: maximum 8 miles or 1500′ gain
D – Beginner: maximum 4 miles or 500′ gain

Please read more about the Tucson Hiking Meetup Group on the “page” tab above.

This group is open to new members. We hope you’ll join us!