Local IG Profiles That Inspire Exploration of Sabino Canyon (And Beyond)

Local IG Profiles Sabino Canyon and beyond exploration

From Photographers, to those that seek adventures pushing the possibilities of human powered movement via their need to explore…these are some of the local IG Profiles that inspire us to explore Sabino Canyon (and beyond).

Corey Keppel Mount Lemmon
Corey • Mount Lemmon

Corey Keppel

Corey may be the top of our list for local explorers.  His desire to explore and discover new places is simply unparalleled.

His passion for exploration is a driving force that we believe has inspired others to push the boundaries of their own knowledge and understanding of Sabino Canyon and beyond. It is the desire to discover new places, adventures, and seek out new experiences. This passion takes many forms, from the thrill of trail running and hiking to the excitement of diving off that canyon cliff into a creek pool below.

Corey & Zelda

Often exploring the canyons and mountains with his dog Zelda.  The fresh air and beautiful scenery provide the perfect backdrop to bond with her and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether trail running through rugged trails, scrambling over rocky terrain, or simply taking a leisurely stroll through the wilderness, Zelda is often by his side and experiencing new sights and smells beyond what is found in our man made world.

Matt Carrier Sabino Canyon
Matt Carrier Photography • Sabino Canyon

Matt Carrier

Matt is a local Sabino Canyon photographer that is often found capturing the stunning landscapes and diverse cacti and wildlife of this unique region.  Its rugged canyons, lush cottonwoods along the creeks, and abundant wildlife, he produces breathtaking images that showcase the beauty of this special place.

David Vincent Sabino Canyon Hoodoo Rock
David Vincent Photography • Sabino Canyon Hoodoo Rock

David Vincent

David Vincent has been a contributor to Sabino Canyon Hike & Run since the beginning.  And is one of our favorite local photographers.

There is something about the way he captures a moment in time here in the canyon. Whether it’s a landscape shot of a beautiful vista, wildlife of sabino, or the canyons/mountains in all their majestic beauty. We know how much he loves the process of composing a photograph…as we have witnessed him in the moment. 

His photographs are impressive in scale, subject matter, and artistic merit. They capture the beauty and majesty of our Sonoran Desert in a way that is both visually striking and emotionally impactful. His photographs are a testament to the power of the medium to capture and convey the wonder and splendor of the Sonoran Desert and beyond.

Chuck Jentlie • Sabino Canyon

Chuck Jentlie

Chuck Jentlie is a legend of Sabino Canyon and the surrounding area for his stunning photography of the sonoran desert landscapes.

Photographing the Sonoran Desert can be a rewarding and challenging experience. And with each photograph he produces, he gives us a perspective that is simply breathtaking.  The harsh sunlight and dramatic shadows of the desert create a unique and striking visual aesthetic. To capture the beauty of the desert, it is so important to pay attention to lighting and composition. Experimenting with different times of day and angles can help to bring out the natural beauty of the landscape. He knows this all to well.

Joseph Cyr Sabino Canyon
Joseph Cyr • Sabino Canyon

His ability to capture the beauty of Sabino Canyon and beyond with a iPhone is unparalleled.  Period.

It’s not just that he is utilizing a phone vs. a full fledged mirrorless/DSLR.  It’s his vision.  He has a talent for composing aesthetically pleasing and visually interesting images. An ability to capture that moment in a way that is artistic and compelling.  

Sonoran Desert Rat Sabino Canyon
Yessica Wheeler • Sabino Canyon

Yessica Wheeler

Yessica Wheeler…otherwise known as Sonoran Desert Rat is member of the Santa Catalina Volunteer Patrol.  In her words…”I think I always will be”.

Capturing the wildlife of the Sonoran Desert in photography and video is something she knows all too well. The sonoran desert is her home. Capturing a variety of animals, including snakes, lizards, birds, and mammals, as though she was one with them.   She has a gift for capturing beautiful and engaging images of the desert’s wildlife.

Austin Haag • Blackett's Vista

Austin Haag

Austin’s Sonoran Desert collection of photos on Instagram is quite prolific.  From Sonoran landscapes to the reptiles of the desert…he has an eye for this gift that surrounds us all if we only explore more. 

Austin Haag Sonoran Snow
Austin Haag | Sonoran Snow

 He knows that exploring the desert, canyons, and mountains can be a rewarding and thrilling experience. These natural environments offer a unique and diverse landscape that is rich in plants, animals, and geology. From the towering peaks of the mountains to the winding canyons and desert plains. There is always something new and exciting to discover. Whether you are an experienced hiker/trail runner or a novice outdoor enthusiast, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy these beautiful and rugged environments. The desert, canyons, and mountains have something to offer for everyone.  And explore he does.

However…if you want to avoid all the rattlers of the desert, it would be advised that you don’t accompany him.  As it seems that he stumbles upon them frequently as you browse his Instagram profile.

Simon Gerber Sabino Canyon
Simon Gerber • Sabino Canyon

Simon Gerber

If you are on IG and you follow #sabinocanyon etc, you probably saw Simon’s photos of Bighorn Sheep that had wandered into Sabino Canyon earlier this year in July.  He probably captured the first of the brief sightings of Bighorn when they appeared almost a mile into the canyon.  Since then he has managed to capture many epic photos of Sabino Canyon’s wildlife and landscapes.

Stephanie Helbling Sabino Canyon
Stephanie Helbling • Sabino Canyon

Stephanie Helbling

Stephanie, a local trail runner and hiker is always exploring. A curious and adventurous spirit, and she is always seeking new experiences and knowledge. Whether she is exploring to Northern Arizona canyons and mountains, or the Sonoran Desert.  Her thirst for exploration knows no bounds, and she is always ready to embark on the next adventure or discover something new.  She is driven by her unquenchable curiosity and desire to understand more about the wilderness and her place in it.


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