Sonoran Desert Toad

Lifespan • 5 years.

Diet • Insects, centipedes, spiders, lizards, mice, and other amphibians.

Habitat • Desertscrub, grasslands, oak woodlands, up to about 5,800 feet.  Usially tied to water, but may be found many miles from water during summer monsoons.

Additional Info • The species skin toxins are strong enough to kill a dog and reportedly have hallucinogenic qualities.

Breeding usually occurs on one night within 2 or 3 days of a rainfall event of greater than one inch.

Most Sonoran Desert Toads are found at night during the monsoon season, but they may emerge a month or more before the summer rains begin.  Outside of the summer activity period, Sonoran Desert toads remain in rodent burrows or other underground retreats.

Red-Spotted Toad

Lifespan • 11 years.

Diet • Arthropods, including ants, beetles, bees, and bugs.

Habitat • Desert streams, springs, cattle tanks, often in rocky areas.

Additional Info • Breeding males will engage in wrestling matches during territorial disputes.

They can tolerate a 40% loss in body water and still be active during dry periods.