SCHR | Our Trail Ahead


The beginning.

This project is transcendent of my love for Sabino Canyon, and all the beauty within and beyond its confines.  As Sabino is a portal to a world much more than itself.

This is just the beginning.


Sabino Canyon Hike & Run is an extension of Sabino’s ecosystem. 

The history, organizations, people, desert life, climate, parking/shuttle info, event calendar (from sanctioned events to group hike/runs), detailed trail info, and much more on the horizon.

The trail ahead.

Many more updates coming.

The trails and routes.

A heavy focus will be placed on the trails and routes that begin in Sabino, and extend well outside of its confines.  This will include time-lapse hd ground/aerial video of the trails and routes in their entirety.  This takes time.  So please be patient with us.  Also much more details on the trails including tips, photos, fkt’s (fastest known times), and gpx downloads.

Throughout the year we will be adding a twist to running on the trails.  This will include challenges throughout the year.  For example.  One month the challenge may be the the fastest female and male on Bear Canyon Loop (this one is around the corner).  Each challenge will require a $5 donation to Friends of Sabino Canyon via their donation page.  However a $25 donation to them (which registers you as a member for for one year) will include you in all challenges for one year from the time you join (proof of donation required).  

In addition there are a few more requirements to participate in the challenges.  You would need to join Strava which is free.  This is where trail/route times would be verified.  And join the Sabino Canyon Hike & Run Strava Club.

We will be working with Backcountry Trophy for the female/male awards for fastest individual times on these challenges.  Please check out their Instagram or website so you can see their body of work.  And get a general idea of the awards.

Bear Canyon Loop (February 2020) and Blackett’s Ridge will be our first two challenges of the  year.  Stay tuned for details.

We recommend that you follow us on Instagram or the website event calendar for present and future challenges.

Please understand that these are personal challenges.  We are not responsible for any injury incurred.  This is a fun challenge that in turn gives back to an organization which is an integral part of the preservation of Sabino Canyon.

Event Calendar

This calendar is for everyone in Sabino.  Whether a sanctioned event, or a group hike/run.  At this time you can reach out to us via email to submit your event.  However we do plan to add ability to submit event directly through the site.  And upon approval, will land on calendar swiftly.  We will from time to time look around for events being placed here that we will add.  Please let us know f you see something that needs to be on the calendar.


Articles on the locals, wildlife, events, gear, challenges, the trails/routes, and so on.  We welcome guest authors to participate.  And if you feel there is something that we need to write about, please shoot us an email.


We are working on hats, shirts, hoodies, and other items to help support the site.


We welcome feedback on how we can enhance Sabino Canyon Hike & Run.

Please be sure to follow us on Instagram, and tag us with your moments in Sabino Canyon with #sabinocanyonhikerun.